All My Photographs Are Made With Pens

Tommy Kane

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21 Nov 2017
Heni Publishing
228 pages - 285 x 209mm
Number of Illustrations:
400 Illustrations, unspecified
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Tommy's new book follows the international success of his first book, An Excuse to Draw. As title suggests, Tommy approaches scenes with a photographic eye but renders them in this trademark detailed drawing style. The subjects are wide ranging including wildlife, models, travel and movie sets and feature his characteristic charm and wit, with astonishing level of detail he is known for. In a style at times reminiscent of cartoonists like Robert Crumb yet always wholly his own, Tommy Kane presents his subjects with a mixture of surrealism, humour and thoughtfulness.
Tommy Kane is a Creative Director in advertising who knows how to draw. In his free time, he travels the world equipped with pens, coloured pencils, a little watercolor set, some waterbrushes and a few different drawing books. He draws the world as he sees it in great detail. This is his first book.
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