An Excuse To Draw: Tommy Kane Sketches the World

Tommy Kane

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15 Mar 2014
Salma Editions
216 pages - 285 x 210mm
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Tommy Kane has worked as a creative director in advertising for over 30 years. Over that time he has both cultivated a very particular obsession with squirrels, and a catharsis in documenting his surroundings in his sketchbooks with his humble weapon of choice the Uni-ball Vision Fine Point. His wife Yun Lee s own passion is exotic travel and at first she balks at his preference to sit on a camping stool on a street corners, pen in hand, instead of visit the museums she had planned to see, but soon realises the zen it provides him and the happiness his sketches bring to those they know. With a unique and emotive attention to detail in Kane s sketching and painting style, and inspired by his wife s wanderlust, he has captured cultural idiosyncrasies with an uncanny humour and tenderness in his valiant attempt to sketch the world.
This monograph is a collection of Tommy Kane's work spanning the last ten years.
Tommy Kane is a Creative Director in advertising who knows how to draw. In his free time, he travels the world equipped with pens, coloured pencils, a little watercolor set, some waterbrushes and a few different drawing books. He draws the world as he sees it in great detail. This is his first book.
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