Conor Harrington: Watch Your Palace Fall

Conor Harrington

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13 Apr 2017
Heni Publishing
368 pages - 315 x 235mm
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310 Illustrations, unspecified
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This monograph is the first to chart the entire career of Irish artist Conor Harrington, from the nascent graffiti of his teenage years to his status as an internationally recognised artist. Striking photography captures the visual evolution of a unique practice that has united the opulent ceremony of the baroque with the stark immediacy of graffiti. This updated edition now includes works which featured in Conor s September 2016 exhibition. Equally celebrated for both his large-scale gallery work and vast outdoor pieces, the book is split into Indoor and Outdoor sections. Harrington s artistic journey takes in Ireland, the UK, the US, Norway, Spain, Poland, Brazil and even the Bethlehem Wall, and is supplemented by fascinating documentary photography alongside the artist s personal narrative.
Conor Harrington's works are 'magisterial canvasses which unite the luxuriant, shadowy intensity of Caravaggio with the provocative roughness of the street'. This monograph is the first to chart his output in full, from the nascent graffiti of his teenage years to the monolithic canvasses and outdoor murals of an internationally recognised career.
Conor Harrington was born in Cork, Ireland in 1980. In his mid-teens he painted his first wall on the streets of his hometown, and after completing a BA in Fine Art at Limerick School of Art and Design he relocated to London. Now equally synonymous with both large-scale studio compositions and outdoor murals, his provocative, dreamlike work draws a fascinating line between the street and the canvas.
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