Robert James Berry, C. Sabarsky

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Paperback / softback
30 Jun 2017
Sylph Editions
96 pages - 216 x 121mm
Number of Illustrations:
22 color plates

A man falls in love, and decides to immortalize his romance in poetry. It's a conceit as old as poetry and storytelling itself, but in Gorgeous Robert James Berry approaches this seemingly dusty form with extraordinary freshness. Each poem in this collection offers a startling burst of color, which delights in the senses and gives immediacy to each scene in this love affair. From the fruit markets of Southeast Asia to the disheveled hills of the British Isles, Berry takes readers through the ups and downs of a relationship over the course of decades, as it experiences lulls and storms, titanic upheavals punctuated by lacunae of charmed happiness. Alongside the poems are a series of images created specially for this book by C. Sabarsky, who applies the luminous colors of the poems to a series of contemplative photographs. Sensitive and direct, Gorgeous is a lyrical compendium of pain and pleasure, the joy and grief of love.
Originally from the United Kingdom, Robert James Berry has lectured at universities in England, Malaysia, and New Zealand. He is the author of nine collections of poetry, including, most recently, Toffee Apples and Swamp Palace.
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